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From the majestic beauty of Patagonia to the tango-filled streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina offers a captivating blend of natural wonders, delicious cuisine, and passionate culture awaiting exploration.


Here are some things to consider in selecting Argentina as your host country:



The primary language spoken in Argentina is Spanish, with local variations and influences from Italian and indigenous languages.



For students studying abroad in Argentina, public transportation, such as buses and subways, offers affordable and convenient options for getting around cities like Buenos Aires. Many cities offer student discounts on public transportation, making it affordable for students to commute to school, explore the city, and travel around the country.



Argentine cuisine is renowned for its succulent meats, especially beef, cooked on traditional grills called parrillas. Empanadas, savory pastries filled with meat or vegetables, are popular snacks. Dulce de leche, a caramel-like spread, and mate, a traditional herbal drink, are also Argentine culinary staples.


Culture and Activities

Argentina’s culture is a dynamic blend of European, indigenous, and immigrant influences, evident in its vibrant art, music, and cuisine. Visitors can experience the passionate tango in Buenos Aires, explore historic sites like the Iguazu Falls, or immerse themselves in the gaucho lifestyle on a ranch in the Pampas. No matter what you choose, Argentina offers a diverse array of activities for every student traveler.



While major cities like Buenos Aires generally offer a safe experience, petty theft and scams can occur, especially in tourist areas. Use reputable transportation services to ensure a safe visit.


What to Bring

Essentials include valid identification, clothing suitable for varying weather, adaptors for electronics, personal toiletries, any necessary medications, and important documents like passports and insurance papers. Additionally, consider bringing a Spanish phrasebook or language-learning resources for communication ease.


Argentina offers an enriching study abroad experience with its affordability and diverse landscapes. Students can immerse themselves in vibrant culture, learn Spanish, and explore breathtaking natural wonders, fostering personal growth and academic discovery.

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