About Us

Tzell Youth Exchange, is a division of Tzell Park Ave Travel. In 2006 we acquired Bokoff Kaplan Travel and combined we have over 60 years’ experience in the travel industry. Throughout those years our agency has been working with Youth Exchange travel for more than 40 years.

We have three full time agents that specialize in and are fully dedicated to the Youth Exchange Program. These agents have been assisting students and their parents in the complicated process of obtaining the proper student visas and providing the lowest fares that will fit the needs of their program.

Our team offers support, guidance and encouragement throughout the exchange process. We strive to be the leading travel and visa provider in the Youth Exchange programs.

“I have never felt more comfortable
with anyone concerning the welfare
of my child. Since my daughter was
only 16 at the time (of travel),
your reassurance made it
so much easier.”
-Parent, Australia Exchanges

Hilary Chivian: Leisure Manager/Youth Exchange Travel Expert

Hilary began her career in travel in 1979 with a small commuter airline based out of Groton, CT. Soon after she was promoted to Manager and ran the airline’s operations, ticket counter, reservations, gate and ramp. In 1984 she was hired by one of her regular clients who happen to be Howard Kaplan, the original owner of Kaplan Travel. Within 2 years of being leading travel agent she was promoted to Manager at the company’s largest branch during a time when travel agencies where in high demand and very competitive. Being the leading agency for cooperate, group, leisure and meeting travel services in the Southeastern Connecticut, Hilary has maintained a dedicated client base of over 30 years. She has brought our team her vast knowledge and experience of international travel which is key in the International Youth Exchange.

Sabrina Burgett: Youth Exchange Travel Expert

Sabrina graduated from the International Air Academy in 1993, where her main focus of study was international travel. She continued her career in Travel as a reservations agent with America West Airlines, in 1994 and then continued onto a travel agency in Oregon until 1999. She then enlisted into the Navy where she was relocated and stationed to Groton, CT’s US Naval Base. In 2004 she was honorably discharged but decided to stay in Connecticut which led her to Bokoff Kaplan Travel. In 2005 she began her career as one of our top agents in our Youth Exchange department. With her experience in travel and great organizational skills she has continued to be a major asset to our team providing new ideas and ways to making the student exchange process as successful as possible.

Theresa Bryan: Manager

Theresa has been working in the travel industry for over 13 years. Before joining our agency in 2006, she managed large staff (over 100 people) daily at one of the country’s busiest airports with US AIRWAYS. She brought her knowledge of the fast pace and often complicated process of airport travel to our agency. Her knowledge of turnaround requirements, staffing and security allows us to better prepare the students prior to their travel. With those skills and her experience with Youth Exchange she now manages her team by ensuring that each season has successfully obtained visas and provided travel to over 600 students throughout the US. In 2012 Theresa was awarded by Travel Alliance Media the prestigious award for a “Rising Star” as one of the top young travel industry professionals.