Exchange students and their families face many challenges as they prepare for that all important year abroad: passports, visas, airfares, luggage allowances, etc.

Tzell Youth Exchange has a fulltime staff of Youth Exchange specialists who instruct, advise and encourage from the time each student registers to the time each student returns from his or her exchange experience.

We hope you’ll let us help your student with their Exchange travel plans.

“In this time of high security and
travel wariness, I could not have
been more impressed with your
promptness and professionalism
in all of our correspondence.”

– Parent, Japan exchange


The Tzell Difference:

Visa procurement and travel arrangements can be a very complicated and stressful process. Our reputation with numerous consulates makes visa and other document processing as smooth and uncomplicated as possible for both the students and parents.

Our visa and document instructions are easily understood and to the point. We also offer extended hours of operations during the exchange season to assist students any way we can.

Again, we work with the students and families from the time they register with Tzell Youth Exchange to the time they return home to ensure that our assistance in the exchange process has allowed the students the most successful exchange possible.



Next to service, price is a major factor in the exchange process. Our prices, when compared exactly, are on average significantly less than others offered to Exchange Students.

Most Youth Exchange programs require that students must travel on tickets that meet very specific requirements. Tzell Park Ave Travel is well acquainted with these regulations and ensures that students are purchasing proper type of airline tickets at a reasonable cost.

International fares are controlled by four main factors:

  • * Length of stay
  • * Open return vs. fixed return dates
  • * Season of travel
  • * Taxes and fuel surcharges

A ticket with an open return, valid for one year with travel in the high season (June through September) is the most expensive ticket available. Given these parameters Tzell Youth Exchange Travel negotiates with several major airlines to offer fairly priced tickets that meet all of the Exchange Programs requirements. These fares are not available on the internet or directly from the airline.



Non Refundable registration fees for residents of the Continental US are as follows:

  • * Registrations received on or before April 15: $249.00
  • * Registrations received after April 15: $299.00


Non Refundable registration fees for residents of Hawaii, Alaska and Canada are as follows:

  • * Registrations received on or before April 15: $299.00
  • * Registrations received after April 15: $349.00