Next to service, price is a major factor in the exchange process. Our prices, when compared exactly, are on average significantly less than others offered to Exchange Students.

Most Youth Exchange programs require that students must travel on tickets that meet very specific requirements. Tzell Park Ave Travel is well acquainted with these regulations and ensures that students are purchasing proper type of airline tickets at a reasonable cost.

International fares are controlled by four main factors:

  • * Length of stay
  • * Open return vs. fixed return dates
  • * Season of travel
  • * Taxes and fuel surcharges

A ticket with an open return, valid for one year with travel in the high season (June through September) is the most expensive ticket available. Given these parameters Tzell Youth Exchange Travel negotiates with several major airlines to offer fairly priced tickets that meet all of the Exchange Programs requirements. These fares are not available on the internet or directly from the airline.